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AWESOMATIX represents the leading design language of the r/c industry. With performance purpose inspired ideas all products feature unique solutions to achieve the highest performance possible within the rule guide lines of each racing class. ​ The focus is always on the product, eliminating any marketing distractions to the customer, letting the superior design and quality attract the interest of the racer.

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AWESOMATIX announces the introduction of the A12WC and the A12X.

The A12WC kit includes the proven A12 concept where the rear spring action is controlled by the flexing of the chassis itself assisted by a pair of coil  side springs that also act as an additional rear spring.
The chassis shape is new and has been refined to further enhance the flex distribution while also incorporating the rear brace.

The latter kit named A12X brings its design slightly more towards traditional 12th scale cars where side and rear spring actions are independent. This is achieved thanks to a built-in coil spring inside the rear damper and new side coil springs positioned at the very front of the chassis. The new steel chassis brings the CG even lower and allows for a narrower and sleeker shape to the whole design.

Common to both kits are a new motormount design keyed into the chassis using "key type" screws  , further improving the tweak-free nature of the car making it virtually bulletproof in case of hard crash, a new battery plate coupled with a new front suspension plate enabling a wider range of roll centres options, new left and right rear hubs allowing truer and more reliable mounting for a wider variety of wheels and new tools for precise adjustment during build and fine tuning of the car setup.

Additionally, both kits retain the same front-end concept as the original A12, with quick camber adjustments through rotating steering posts, helical front springs and multiple front damping configurations controlled by O-rings and/or various grease viscosity while front caster settings are achieved by optional steering posts.

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