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A800R og red-3-reflection-shadow-gradien

The A800R now features a new damper system which includes a Linear and Progressive damping option.


These are also quickly adjustable from the underside of the chassis without sliding the dampers in or out.

Another advantage is that the dampening and the spring are entirely separate on the A800R; Changing the damper rate doesn’t affect spring rate anymore.


The car features a super short chassis to reduce chassis rub to increase corner speed. New suspension arms were needed to keep the same wheelbase in combination with the shorter chassis.
Additionally, we angled the lower bumper to reduce chassis rub under braking action, while adding a new upper bumper plate which is an active part of front flex.

We also include new battery holders, but the motor mount and topdeck system remain unchanged. The car includes the latest version AM177-2 motormount. The one-piece C27MMX topdeck also remains compatible. 

There are no changes to the well-known and reliable drivetrain with spool, IFJ, IRJ, GD2B-R and BEL351 belts.

As we have come to expect from Awesomatix, the Steering unit remains bulletproof with the AM24-20 and the latest version AM180EVO steering rack (which is the same as the most recent version on the A800MMX car).

- newly designed C01B-RC 2.2mm Carbon Lower deck for A800R kit
- C127 Topdecks for A800R kit
- SPR01 Springs for A800R kit
- newly designed D3 Dampers with progressive/linear damping feature (not pre-build)
- newly designed C45F/C45R Damper Braces
- newly designed AM278 Bulkheads
- newly designed AM19-R Upper Arm Holders
- newly designed ST102F/ST102R Damper Rod Guides
- newly designed ST112 Centering Screws
- newly designed ST205 Damper Rods with B415 Ball Bearings
- newly designed SWB-R-1.X Swaybars (1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 Included in kit!)
- newly designed P14-R-1 Lower Bumper
- newly designed P14-5-R Upper Bumper
- newly designed P64 Rear Body Holder
- newly designed C204L / C204R Carbon Suspension Arms
- newly designed P23-R Outer Batter Holder + P68 Battery Adjuster
- AM24-20 + AM180EVO Steering system
- ST69-00 + AT119 Spring Screw + Holder
- IFJ Inner Front Joint System
- IRJ Inner Rear Joint System
- GD2B-R Gear Diff
- AM177-2 Motor Mount

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